About Gyopo Soju

No Sweetener or Added Sugar.
Made From Barossa Valley Grapes.
3x Distilled + charcoal filtration.
- Rest period inside copper drums.
17.5% Alcohol percentage.
Clean, Crisp and smooth, ending with notes of grapes.
- The first Australian made soju

Super Clean. When we talk about clean and crispness we are dead serious about it. Gyopo Soju's combines an innovative distillation process that includes coconut charcoal filtration and a resting period inside copper drums. This attention to detail sits Gyopo soju on the top shelf, next to the premium liquor and spirits out there. It's so clean and smooth you will be able to enjoy that A5 wagyu without being interrupted. 
Taste of Australia. Gyopo Soju is distilled from Australia's world famous Barossa Valley white grapes, so you will note a slight recollection of that chardonnay you had with your seafood last summer. The flavor is not overpowering, childish or offensive but you will be able to identify the subtle and soft taste of the grapes.
Culture. "Gyopo" is commonly referred to as people who left the motherland, and has drifted from their culture which is relatable by our fellow Australians. Our message to our community is be proud and embrace all cultures. Gyopo soju represents a mix of two cultures. Embrace and enjoy the best of both worlds!