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Gyopo Soju

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  • The First Australian Made Soju.
  • No Added Sugars and Sweeteners. 
  • Grapes from Barossa Valley, South Australia. 
  • 3x Distilled, Charcoal filtration.
  • Super Smooth.
  • 17.5% Alc/Vol (Net 350ml)
Like the word “Gyopo", which refers to a mix of two cultures, our premium soju is a combination of the iconic fresh and crispness of Korean soju, and the natural and exciting flavour profile that comes from Australian white grapes.

  • Shots
    The most popular way to drink soju is in shot glasses, accompanied with your favourite food and people.
  • Straight up
    Appreciate the flavour and smoothness of Gyopo Soju in a full glass, chilled or on the rocks.
  • Cocktail
    Get creative and try Gyopo Soju mixed with soft drinks, fruit juice, or beer.

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