The Background

Why Gyopo? As Australian born Koreans, growing up, we’d go back and visit Korea regularly with our friends and family. Although we look, act and feel Korean, it wasn’t the case at all. We were treated differently and somewhat cast aside being called Gyopos.
Why Soju? When we’d go out, the split in culture was more obvious in the soju they sold there. Higher quality, better tasting, more variety, and a whole different drinks formulation than exported products – something we could never imagine to be on our tables in Sydney.
The Opportunity. Noticing this major gap in the market, we wanted to provide a high quality and better tasting soju that our fellow Gyopos and Australians deserved.
How? Each of us having 5+years experience in commercial goods manufacturing, we took on the challenge quickly to develop Australia’s first soju – something Australian Koreans can finally embrace as our own.