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Gyopo Soju

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  • Passionfruit Flavoured Soju 
  • Inspired by Aussie Childhood icons like Passiona & Pasito. 
  • Little to NO Alcohol Taste. 
  • Zero Medicinal /Artificial Taste. 
  • Sweet and Refreshing and Thirst Quenching. 
  • 11% Alc/Vol (Net 360ml)

Passion Smashin is Gyopo soju's limited edition line launch of flavoured soju. Flavours and concept inspired by Aussie childhood icons like Passiona & Pasito, which are commonly paired immaculately with a cheeky Charcoal Chicken or Kebab run. Expect to drink the easiest soju shot you've ever had.
Passion Smashin is a sweet, refreshing and thirst quenching drink. What Passion Smashin doesn't have is the taste of medicine, ethanol and artificial chemicals that other flavoured soju might have. Hope you enjoy and drink responsibly with Gyopo light series. 


  • Shots
    The most popular way to drink soju is in shot glasses, accompanied with your favorite food and people.
  • On Ice 
    Passion Smashin is so easy to drink, you will find that it is the ultimate refresher just on the rocks. 
  • Cocktail
    Get creative and try Passion Smashin mixed with clear and transparent carbonated drinks. 


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